One thought on “How is The Bitcoin Cash Network Secured?

  1. Arti says:

    Bitcoin Cash was founded by a group of miners and developers who grew tired from fighting over a scaling solution and decided to publish code that altered it, forcing what is known as a hard fork. There is no difference between how Bitcoin’s network is secured from how Bitcoin Cash’s network is secured. Bitcoin Cash has the exact same number of coins as Bitcoin, with the total BCH supply counting 21 million coins. Its current circulating supply counts just over 18. Both networks operate under the same set of rules, and both have the same consensus mechanism. Kriptomat exchange is a great place to store BCH, as it offers great functionality (buying, selling, exchanging for other cryptocurrencies) without ever compromising on security. Depending on their need for security and functionality, users will choose the wallet that suits them. There are many wallets that can store Bitcoin Cash. 5 million coins, around 89% of the total supply.

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