One thought on “What Are The Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges To Use?

  1. Arti says:

    Failure to file can result in fees, penalties, interest, confiscated refunds, audits, and even jail time. This has lead to at least tens of thousands of cryptocurrency users’ transaction information being shared directly with the tax authorities. Tax authorities which include the IRS, ATO, CRA, HMRC, and others use a variety of techniques to track cryptocurrency transactions and enforce tax compliance. For starters, the IRS has subpoenaed domestic and international cryptocurrency exchanges which include Coinbase and Bitstamp for user transaction information. In the US, the IRS requires that you file your taxes (in a few cases, even if you owe zero taxes or should be owed a refund, you are still required to file your taxes). There are a number of factors to consider when deciding which cryptocurrency exchanges to use which include reputation, security, geographic support, trading pairs, liquidity, regulatory licenses, and more. CoinTracker has also assembled a comparison of trading fees on several popular exchanges.

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