One thought on “Why is the US SEC unimpressed with Cryptocurrency Airdrops?

  1. Arti says:

    There are various red flags to be aware of regarding crypto airdrops: marketers asking for money to be sent in exchange; projects asking for users’ private keys; and projects marketed via seemingly illegitimate channels. Unfortunately, cyber scammers exist in all aspects of the internet, including the cryptocurrency industry. Yes, you certainly will. You’ll need to find out the type of cryptocurrency you’re storing before signing up for a cryptocurrency wallet. In this instance, you’d need a wallet compatible with ERC-20 crypto tokens. The most popular blockchain for crypto airdrops appears to be Ethereum due to its open-source nature and scalability. A crypto airdrop allows an organisation to gain the attention of crypto investors by giving away free coins. As previously mentioned, the market for ICOs is incredibly saturated. it’s anticipated that the US SEC will take a similar view to airdrops and bounty campaigns as they have towards ICOs. It’s not easy to rise above the noise and gain traction anymore.

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