One thought on “Are vocabulary strengths greater on the PPVT than the TACL?

  1. Arti says:

    When we examined the typically developing syntax-comprehension control
    group (n=20) reported elsewhere (Miolo, Chapman & Sindberg, 2005), that group showed no significant difference in TACL-3 and PPVT-3
    age-equivalent scores, with means (SDs) of 5. 32 (1. 18 (1. (Comparisons within groups of TACL-3 subscores
    vocabulary vs. 61) and 5. 61) respectively – as, indeed, one would expect with adequate norming of the tests. morpheme comprehension or elaborated phrases were not significant). 01) higher for the PPVT-3 in each group, confirming that in both groups, vocabulary as sampled by the PPVT is greater than
    expectations based on the TACL vocabulary test, or on mental age or syntax comprehension performance. Thus,
    the significantly better performance of the Down syndrome and cognitively impaired groups on the PPVT-3, relative to syntax comprehension, is real, and
    appears attributable to chronological age and the additional life experience it affords. Within group paired t-tests evaluated the difference between PPVT-3 and TACL-3 Vocabulary age-equivalent scores (see Table 1); these scores were
    significantly (p<.

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