One thought on “Can someone who smokes get dental implants?

  1. Arti says:

    Just keep in mind, recent research has linked this bad oral habit to increased rates of implant failure and complications after surgery. Most people who receive dental implants report that they only experience mild to moderate discomfort afterward. Keep in mind, even smoking e-cigarettes can impact the success of your dental implants. For the best results, try to quit all kinds of tobacco use altogether. When you’re researching dentists that provide dental implants in your area, be on the lookout for certain qualities and qualifications. To get the best results, choose an expert who has the proper training and education. We may provide you with pain medication or antibiotics to help speed up your recovery. If you do have this habit, try to stop before your surgery and while your gums are healing to promote a speedy and successful recovery. Even if you smoke, you can still get dental implants.  As with most surgeries, patients are often concerned about risks during or after the procedure. Dental implants are a sophisticated and modern restorative procedure that needs to be placed by an experienced professional to ensure their success.

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