One thought on “Can students see the rubric in Google Classroom?

  1. Arti says:

    There are many benefits to using rubrics…. Benefits of a rubricReproducable scoring by a single individual is enhanced. Greater precision and reliability among scored assessments. Reproducable scoring by multiple individuals can be enhanced with training. They allow for better peer feedback on student graded work. Points and custom points analytic rubrics may use both text and points to assess performance; with custom points, each criterion may be worth a alternative number of points. There are two types of rubrics available for use: Analytic rubrics may use a points, custom points, or text only scoring method. Once the teacher grades the assignment using the rubric, students will see a simple view and explanation of their score right on their assignment. Now rubrics are built right into Google Classroom! Students are able to see the rubrics for the assignment, as well, keeping the student in the loop for work expectations.

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