One thought on “Can the abutment and implant post be one piece like in natural teeth?

  1. Arti says:

    Implants and abutments do come in one piece. However, the safest surgical technique is not to have anything sticking so high above the gums before osSearch engine optimizationintegration. The success rates for micro implants and mini implants seem also to be lower, but there is still very little data out there. However, if opting to upgrade to a fixed prosthesis in the future, mini implants would unlikely be choosen. Conventional implants can be used in a variety of ways including single tooth replacements,multiple tooth replacements, denture fixation and stabilization and orthodontic anchorage. Mini-implants however are definately are less expensive than their conventional counterparts. Abutments can be straight or tilted to compensate for non-ideal positions of implants. Furthermore, implant abutments offer plenty of choices and possibilities. The chance of upgrading later on to another prosthesis, which requires a alternative attachement or interface currently does not exist with mini implants. Mini and micro implants normally have only one limited application that is to support a denture via a “snap-on” attachment.

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