One thought on “Do I need a visa to visit Nicaragua?

  1. Arti says:

    In the highlands, the weather is cooler and wetter with temperatures commonly in the range of 24 to 26 °C (75 to 80 °F). If you like outdoors, you may plan to visit one of Nicaragua’s many nature or wildlife reserves like the one at El Jaguaror to explore one of its 40 active or extinct volcanoes which include Maderas, Concepción, and San Cristobal. Wildlife enthusiasts should consider planning a wildlife excursion here they can marvel at sea turtles or pass the time bird watching. There is no best time of year to travel to Nicaragua. Adventures and outdoors men can see seen trekking though exotic rain forests or summiting challenging mountain peaks dotting the landscape in the Pacific or Atlantic lowlands which offer stunning views. Adventures and outdo Having three distinct geographic regions, the climate is alternative but temperatures are generally warm yet comfortable. Although the topography of Nicaragua is mostly comprised of lowlands and plains, the Nicaraguan highlands have extensive rain forests, mountains, volcanic peaks and rivers.

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