One thought on “Do I need sedation for my dental implant procedure?

  1. Arti says:

    This process is extremely show and passive. You might not feel that this shifting and malalignment is going on in adjacenet teeth or opposoing tooth. If you leave the extraction site untreated, multiple studies and years of data suggests that you will have bone loss, tissue loss and movement of teeth adjacent to the area of prior tooth loss. You may choose to get a temporary tooth until your dental implant is ready to receive a crown. After placement of dental implant, it’s recommended to wait for 3-6 months prior to attaching a crown to dental implant. Implant replaces the root portion of your tooth. However, if you have high anxiety to dental implant procedure, please consult our office and we can arrange your implant procedure to be performed under sedation. Although dental implants are resistant to decay like a natural tooth, you can lose dental implant du

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