One thought on “Do I need to sharpen my dog clippers?

  1. Arti says:

    For example, breeds like the Yorkshire Terrier have longer hair, but don’t have any undercoat, so they do fine with lighter clippers. It will be the easiest and most successful method. It’s best to always use dog clippers designed for thick coats to avoid snagging fur and hurting your pet. All blades will eventually dull, even if they are labeled as self-sharpening. It’s time to sharpen the blades when cutting through the coat becomes difficult or the blades begin to pull hair. No, not necessarily, unless they also have a thick undercoat or matted fur. Steel blades will stay sharp longer, while ceramic blades are known for staying cooler longer. You’ll need to opt for clippers with detachable blades if you’d like to have the option to sharpen them.

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