One thought on “Do I need to use blade oil on my dog clippers?

  1. Arti says:

    You most likely shouldn’t, but there are exceptions. Dog clippers are built with your dog’s fur in mind — including varying blade speeds, blade types, and motors. That being said, there are instances where human clippers can work. Yes, it’s important to oil the blades on your clippers between each grooming session! Oiled blades provide smoother haircuts for your dog — with less pulling on their fur — and exseem the lifespan of your clippers. Be sure to buy blade oil alongside your new clippers (many include a small tube to start). Clippers also offer added peace of mind with attachments which include guided blades. Those with short-haired dogs will find that clippers are the easiest way to give them a quick, clean trim. Yes! While similar looking, dog clippers and human clippers are alternative in a number of major ways. It depends on your dog’s hair length.

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