One thought on “Do I Need to Worry About Root Damage?

  1. Arti says:

    This form of treatment can kill the nerves of the teeth, especially if any of the teeth have sustained previous injuries. Tooth trays can significantly affect the vitality of patients’ teeth. In addition, tooth trays may cause problems with crowns and fillings, which may become dislodged during treatment. Teeth nerve damage can be quite painful. In a few severe cases, the cellular response can cause total damage of the teeth. The damage may be experienced during or after treatment, especially if a patient experienced root resorption during previous treatment. This cellular response may damage the ends of the root of the teeth. Tooth trays initiate a cellular response around the tissues surrounding the roots of the teeth that allow the teeth to move. The damage may cause your teeth to lose bone and gum support. Patients that experience nerve damage during treatment may be required to undergo additional orthodontic treatment which include root canal, restorative work or removal of the affected tooth altogether.

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