One thought on “Do Local Service Ads Replace PPC Advertising or Other Digital Marketing Tactics?

  1. Arti says:

    While there’s no guarantee your headshot will always appear on your LSA, a headshot does increase the potential for clicks, so you should always provide a high-quality photograph with each LSA you launch. Legal consumers will see your picture, Google Screened badge, how many years your firm has operated, and other information on the results page. A lot of lawyers would rather pay per lead than per click. ) However, we believe local service ads should complement, rather than eliminate, other marketing tactics which include PPC. (LSAs charge a flat fee per lead. It seems like a more effective model, and you don’t have to worry about Google Ad’s confusing bidding system. Google uses a predetermined set of factors to decide how frequently legal consumers see your LSAs. Google local services ads offer one significant advantage: your headshot. When legal consumers review information on a search engine results page, you want to attract their attention.

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