One thought on “Do OTC Teeth Whitening Products Work as Well as Chairside Whitening?

  1. Arti says:

    Additionally, you’ll see same-day results from your whitening treatment. We would need you to come in for a consultation so our dentist can provide an accurate estimate of your teeth bleaching cost. You can expect your whitening treatment to last for up to an hour and a half. They are much weaker, since only a dental professional can administer a concentrated bleaching solution, so you’ll never get the pronounced results that a teeth bleaching dentist can achieve. You also risk irritating your gums with OTC products if you use them incorrectly. You also risk irritating your gums with OTC product If you use whitening strips and your teeth are even slightly uneven, you’ll notice that only certain areas of your teeth are a shade or two lighter. With continuous use, over-the-counter products you can buy in any drugstore will lighten your teeth slightly.

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