One thought on “Do some breeds of dogs experience the poop zoomies more than others?

  1. Arti says:

    Many dog owners
    describe it as “zooming around. As mentioned above
    that zoomies is a term that
    refers to the expression of excitement and a sudden burst of energy. There is a theory that
    the zoomies may be rooted in
    provocation by anxiety, a behavioral issue, and stress. Now a few of you might be asking whether poop zoomies are safe or does it hurt when dogs get them. As it’s
    already mentioned that zoomies are
    the result of stored energy and it can happen with all the animals. According to many top
    dog experts, all dog breeds can experience poop zoomies and it mostly depends on their
    lifestyle. Yes, other species of
    animals also experience poop zoomies and it’s very natural. ” Generally, dogs show these over-energized
    behaviors prior to or after pooping.

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