One thought on “Do the different vaccines have different side effects?

  1. Arti says:

    “You’d much prefer the symptoms associated with these vaccines than the symptoms associated with COVID,” says Offit. Even if you’re young and otherwise healthy, you cannot be sure you wouldn’t get a serious case of COVID, and even “mild” COVID is plenty miserable. The reason you may experience worse side effects after the second shot is the same reason you’re more likely to experience side effects if you’ve already been infected with COVID: Your body recognizes the virus and is quicker to fight it. The CDC has said that vaccinated people can see other vaccinated people (and even a low-risk, unvaccinated person or two) indoors. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have very si For either two-shot vaccine, Offit says, it’s fairly common to experience any of the following side effects: low-grade fever, fatigue, muscle ache, joint ache, headache, and, less commonly, diarrhea. It may be tempting after your second vaccine, as you lie in bed feeling feverish and crabby, to resent it for making you “sick,” but please resist.

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