One thought on “Do the parents have certain traits or characteristics?

  1. Arti says:

    Check out our disease list here. That characteristic might spill into their children and affect which hoglet you want. The breeder’s answer should answer no. This very important question will tell you the risk of disease and hereditary sickness your hedgehog could have. In this case, make sure to get a health guarantee. If they do have a license, they will have three or more female hedgehogs and usually have healthier hedgehogs. Although the litter could come from an unprofessional breeder. So if that is an answer they give, you might want to go elsewhere. This means they are professionals and are selling hedgehogs in a legal way. Hopefully, they know the answer to this and can tell you if the parents are friendly, very active, or lazy. You don’t want to buy a hedgehog from a fewone who breeds sick hedgehogs! a few people think wobbly leg syndrome is hereditary. a few types of bedding are dangerous for hedgehogs. If they answer a fewthing from our dangerous bedding list, they might not be the best breeder. If they answer a fewthing from our dangerous bedding

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