One thought on “Do the results last a long time?

  1. Arti says:

    Flossing your teeth on a regular basis can ensure brighter teeth, as well as using Pola Whitening Toothpaste in the morning and at night. Touch ups can be applied with Pola gel, as they are specifically formulated to keep your teeth looking their absolute best. All these products can be acquired through our dental office. With careful post-whitening care, your teeth will look better than ever. Hydrogen Peroxide is the active ingredient in Pola. Light activates the whitening treatment itself, causing the Hydrogen Peroxide to break down. The take home kit’s meant to be used at home and takes slightly longer than our in-office treatment, which requires an office visit to complete. However, the structure of the tooth itself is not damaged at all. The Pola light activates the Hydrogen Peroxide so it can better penetrate the surface of the tooth. This releases oxygen into the enamel of the tooth, removing and coloration on the surface.

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