One thought on “Do we have control over anchor text?

  1. Arti says:

    " If many other reputable sites think this one is worth linking to, it must be good. It makes sense. We’ve built relationships with editors and contributors at high-quality online publications in a range of industries. ? We also do new outreach for our clients, emailing publications in their vertical on their behalf and securing links. Around 90% of the time we are able to tell the publication which anchor text we would like to use. This enables us to optimize the anchor text for our clients to yield the fastest impact while minimizing risk of search engine penalization. Most of the time, yes. To pitch existing content or a guest post idea to a relevant publication  in the hope they will deem it worthy enough to link out to. There are 3 ways to gain white hat backlinks: ? To have content so outstanding and unique that other websites find it on their own and voluntarily link to it (this is called a natural link, and they are EXTREMELY hard to come by these days). To

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