One thought on “Do we have the right tech stack?

  1. Arti says:

    In addition to intangible opportunity costs, you may also encounter tangible expenses, which include software and consulting fees. ” Once agreed to, set a process to measure progress toward the achievement of this goal. For example, “We expect to reduce churn by 10% by effectively using customer data. The use of customer data is no exception. Anything worth doing should be done the right way. If your primary goal is to reduce churn, put a hard number on it. You’re probably not the first company in your industry to seek a more data-driven culture. Research how similar organizations have leveraged customer data in a secure and scalable way. What are their data goals? Supplement your planning efforts with your findings. Trying to integrate multiple systems is more work than just starting over with a unified platform that does everything you need. a fewtimes less is more.

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