One thought on “Do we know which treatment is better for prostate cancer, brachytherapy or external beam radiation?

  1. Arti says:

    For a patient with disease that is confined to the prostate and not too aggressive, brachytherapy alone is a good option. With the use of sophisticated real-time computer-based planning, we can use brachytherapy to deliver radiation in an extraordinarily precise way, with minimal exposure to the surrounding normal tissues. There is no one specific therapy that is best for everyone. Radiation treatments for prostate cancer can be divided into two main types: brachytherapy, or internal radiation, and external beam radiation. There is a slightly higher chance that patients who receive the combined therapy will have rectal irritation or urinary side effects, both of which are common with any radiation treatment given to the prostate. But at MSK, we routinely use sophisticated planning t But at MSK, we routinely use sophisticated planning techniques that help us reduce the dose given to normal tissues which include the rectum, bladder, and urethra, lessening the chances of side effects and complications.

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