One thought on “Do we need a CPA firm for SOC Attestation?

  1. Arti says:

    Emerging technology and growing trends of outsourcing critical business operations to third-parties have greatly exposed businesses to Cyber Security threats and Compliance Risks. Businesses today are still struggling to get a grip of their IT environment and secure their systems, networks, and infrastructure against potential threats and vulnerabilities. More so, in the Payment Card Industry where organizations are trying to know the best practices to protect their system from risk and vulnerabilities.  With this, global regulatory bodies have started placing great emphasis on Cyber Security and Compliance for businesses. If enforced, the law may severely impact businesses, restricting their operations in the way how they collect, use and share consumer’s personal information throughout the State. In the recently proposed bill of the New York Privacy Act in the House and Senate, businesses may soon have to gear up for this new data privacy law.

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