One thought on “Do You Cut Out Toxic People in Your Life, Including Family?

  1. Arti says:

    It’s a tough choice to make, and it’s not going to be the last time that a fewone will have to make it. It’s not a great thing to think about, but what if your adult child is abusing substances, and you have helped them time and time again to get clean, but to no avail. If you’ve been here before, you will understand why we left it for last. In our video, 15 Most Thought-Provoking Questions, we asked the same question: Who’s the one person you wish you could cut from your life but are too afraid to? And we said how we completely understand how difficult it’s to cut toxic people from our lives because we are wrapped with guilt, fear and worry about what people will think. And we said how we completely un

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