One thought on “Do you disavow bad backlinks from my past?

  1. Arti says:

    a fewtimes high-quality links can take months to secure while others are quite quick. A natural link acquisition campaign will fluctuate in how many new links are earned each month. You may notice the Search Engines crawling your pages more frequently, plus better rankings, more traffic, and quite often more referral traffic. We focus resources each month depending on the size of your campaign and ensure a natural pace of acquisition. Typically, Google just ignores bad backlinks that may be from your past. Yes, we can help you with this process but generally find it more effective to focus on gaining a steady new stream of good quality backlinks to counteract the bad links. Used in conjunction with on-page Search engine optimization, successful link acquisition strategies can offer measurable success and help to improve your website’s overall authority with the Search Engines.

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