One thought on “Do you get a debit card with an HRA?

  1. Arti says:

    For example, if an employee wants to access a standard HRA, they also need to be provided with a traditional group medical plan, whereas HSAs are only eligible for employees who have access to HDHPs specifically. Any leftover FSA money forfeited at the end of the ye Any leftover FSA money forfeited at the end of the year cannot be listed as a loss, since it was taken pretax. The type of healthcare expense account you offer employees will partially depend on the type of health insurance plans you offer. Any contributed funds that exceed those amounts are not tax deductible and are typically subject to a 6% excise. HSAs are beneficial for covering eligible medical expenses; since the account and any unused funds stay with the employee indefinitely, it’s wise to contribute as much as you can afford. Employees with HSAs can only contribute up to $3,550 per year for individuals and up to $7,100 per year for families.

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