One thought on “How active is the Black Russian Terrier?

  1. Arti says:

    Interestingly even though it’s a large dog it can live in an apartment as it’s a calm dog indoors. Make sure not to let it jump and play too hard on concrete when it’s younger than 18 months as it can damage its joints. But you do need to make sure it still gets plenty of exercise. When out it prefers to be interacted with then just left to do what it wants. Black Russian Terriers are excellent with children with socialization and especially when raised with them. If it does not get enough exercise and mental challenge it will become hyperactive, restless and destructive and when a big dog gets destructive it can do a huge amount of damage. Being intelligent it also needs enough mental stimulation to prevent boredom. While this breed does not need to run a vigorous and long distance several times a day, it’s large so it does need a certain level of physical activity. Two or three 20 to 30 minute walks a day along with play time and time off leash in a safe place would be good. They will play with them but also be affectionate with them, sleep with them and be protective of them. Always make sure you teach children how to approach and touch dogs carefully and kindly. Just keep in mind being so large it can knock over toddlers accidentally. Blackies that have not been well socialized though may be less tolerant. Females are especially good with them, patient even with small children trying to climb on them.

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