One thought on “How active is the Glen of Imaal Terrier?

  1. Arti says:

    Make sure the children are taught how to touch and play in an appropriate way. While it loves to play its strength means a fewtimes it can be too rough and can knock over small children so supervision is a good idea. This is a great dog with children, it will play, be lively and energetic with them and then cuddle and be affectionate with them. It will need a good long walk, about 30 minutes each, twice a day. Try to go out with it during the cooler times of day as it does overheat easily. it’s surprisingly agile and quick and will want to run after ‘prey’ so keep it leashed when out walking. It can adapt to a yard as long as it gets outside enough but if there is a yard be warned it likes to dig and that fence needs to be done well as it once pursued its prey underground so has no problem with digging to escape. it’s not a dog to join you for a jog, and care should be taken around water as its build means it’s not a great swimmer. Glens need daily exercise and are fairly active breeds so ideally will have owners who are also happy to be active. If it’s acting out and it’s past its puppy stage this may be a sign it’s not getting enough mental and physical stimulation. Other idea include taking it to a dog park for off leash time and playing games with you, though make sure it’s well socialized and trained to avoid issues with other dogs.

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