One thought on “How do I get my child ready for chemotherapy?

  1. Arti says:

    Treatment is given in cycles. Your child may have treatment every day, every week, or every few weeks for a period of time. Chemotherapy┬ácan work very well to treat cancer. He or she will prescribe medicines or other treatments and give you instructions to help lessen the side effects. The damage to healthy cells causes side effects. But while they kill cancer cells, the medicines can also damage healthy cells. Your child’s cancer doctor (oncologist) will watch your child very closely for side effects. This gives your child time to rest and recover between treatments. Your child may have chemotherapy at a hospital (inpatient or outpatient), the oncologist’s office, a cancer center or clinic, or home. It prevents your child from having repeated needle sticks. Before starting treatment, your child may have blood and imaging tests. He or she may have minor surgery to place a catheter or port. The catheter or port is used to deliver the chemotherapy medicines, other medicines, and to take blood samples.

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