One thought on “How do I get my dog used to wearing a dog coat?

  1. Arti says:

    The head should be kept straig First of all, the most important factors are the chest circumference and the back length. it’s best to measure your dog standing up to determine the exact length of his back that should be covered by the coat. The head should be kept straight and upright. The size tables of the manufacturers take into account whether the side length of the dog coat is shorter or longer depending on the model. The dog coat should never be laced or buckled too tightly, but always provide sufficient freedom of movement. Only when he feels comfortable in his coat in the apartment, you should start the trip including the dog coat. A dog coat with a good fit should be neither too short nor too long. As already mentioned under the point “What makes a high-quality dog coat”, a suitable dog coat should be put on and taken off in no time at all. The fasteners are usually Velcro fasteners, click fasteners or belt-like straps. Most outdoor coats for dogs are put on over the head and finally fastened with a waist belt.

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