One thought on “How do I get rid of fleas if my cat or dog does have them?

  1. Arti says:

    Adult fleas are brown, small, and relatively easy to spot with the naked eye. Several safe and effective treatments can be used to get rid of fleas, including powders, sprays, topical liquids and shampoos. If your pet’s case is more severe, you may need to see your vet for antibiotics or prescription creams. A flea’s saliva can contain protein that causes an allergic reaction in dogs and cats, which is why they will often begin to scratch as soon as a flea bites their skin. Even one flea bite can cause your pet to scratch excessively and become agitated. An allergy may be making your pet uncomfortable and causing them to scratch. If you see no signs of fleas but still notice your pet scratching, book an appointment with your vet, who can administer a skin test to determine if your pet may have an allergy to fleas or other causes during your visit.

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