One thought on “How do I get started with building a PKI?

  1. Arti says:

    With this as your only reference point, you might assume private certificates have similar costs as public certificates—this isn’t the case. The short answer is, yes. To get started, you’ll need to evaluate your environment by considering your needs and the technology you’re working with. DigiCert offers solutions for both public and private PKI, along with a platform and RESTful API, which allow you to automate certificate management and customize PKI workflows. Issuing a private digital certificate with DigiCert is a fraction of the cost of a public certificate. You may have only worked with a commercial CA to purchase public SSL certificates. Organizations commonly do this using Microsoft CA. g. You’ll want to carefully consider the costs of each before deciding. You can secure your internal services (e. , VPN, WiFi, Wiki, etc. However, building and maintaining an internal CA can be expensive and time-consuming. Many CAs provide hosted solutions that can save you from a few of the hardware, software, and personnel costs involved in building an internal PKI. ) using an internal CA.

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