One thought on “How do I know if I need an Emergency Dentist?

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    If you don’t hear right back for whatever reason, head straight to an ER or to an Emergency Dentist. a few of these emergencies are more urgent than others, and it’s important to know the difference. These symptoms can get very serious very quickly and should be treated as soon as possible. Any tooth pain or tooth injury is considered a dental emergency; and can put you in a stressful situation when deciding if you need to see an emergency dentist. Here are a few examples of non-urgent dental emergencies: A broken or cracked tooth that isn’t painful Minor toothache A filling, crown or bridge that has fallen out A broken night guard or retainer Food stuck between teeth The above symptoms are not as urgent, but can still be serious and should not be ignored. Here are a few examples of urgent dental emergencies: Bleeding that won’t stop A knocked out or loose tooth Severe tooth pain Excessive swelling Injured jaw If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please call Voyles Family Dental at 614-876-1241 right away. During off hours, a recording will prompt you to leave a message with your Doctor. Infection. Infections can generally be cured with root canal therapy and antibiotics, but a fewtimes that’s not enough and a tooth extraction is needed. Reasons for Tooth Extraction Badly Damaged Tooth. That really puts

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