One thought on “How do I know, what my teeth will look like with lumineers?

  1. Arti says:

    3 mm layer of lumineer porcelain. The thinner the lumineer, the more your existing color can show, and the color of your teeth can not be hided by very thin 0. Depending on your bite and occlusion, no prep veneers or lumineers can give you a fuller smile on the corridor or the sides when you smile wide. The black space between your cheek and teeth can be much reduced. Due to the contact lens thickness of lumineer, if you do have an existing dark, yellow color, do not expect the color to get to paper white. If you want a Hollywood white teeth, then the thickness of porcelain need to be increased to mask the color underneath, and that may look too bulky. At that time you can say, I absolutely love them or you may alter the look if possible. Dr Mobasser can provide his patients with a wax-up done, with his master ceramist, so you can compare the before and after of your teeth, prior to proceed with treatment. There will be a cost involved, in which is well worth it. Lumineers are cerinate porcelain done by Den Mat com

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