One thought on “How do I remove a Google sitelink?

  1. Arti says:

    Today, sitelinks are fully managed and automated by Google and depend solely on compliance with Google’s recommended best practices. Not all sites are eligible for the site link search box, and as usual, Google remains fairly opaque about the eligibility criteria. For several years, Google allowed site editors to modify sitelinks. It was not possible to remove them completely, but they could simply be downgraded. Since 2016, Google has not left the hand at all, believing that its algorithms are powerful enough to manage the sitelinks themselves. We won’t preseem to give you infallible techniques, but we can tell you the essential points to check to increase your chances of getting sitelinks. As mentioned above, there is no direct way to generate sitelinks even in the Google Search Console. Sitelinks in Google have been around for about ten years. They appeared for the first time around 2005 and underwent many iterations before arriving at today’s sitelinks.

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