One thought on “How do my dog’s paws stay protected from the cold?

  1. Arti says:

    The reason for the stability of the foot temperature has to do with an infusion of blood to the paws that protects them from becoming too cold. Not too long ago, researchers at Azabu University in Japan tested this theory on dogs and came up with similar results. The foot temperature is just warm enough to keep tissue from freezing and cool enough to prevent a large amount of heat loss through the paws. These researchers found that the temperature of the feet of these animals remained around 30 degrees Fahrenheit even when dipped in water of about minus 31 degrees Fahrenheit. According to VetStreet, researchers in the 1970’s investigated how wolves and foxes could hunt on their feet for exseemed periods in bitter cold temperatures. Additionally, remember that just because your dog’s paws can stay warm, this does not mean your dog can be out in the cold for an unlimited time period as dogs are vulnerable to hypothermia and frostbite. Yes, dog booties and other types of winter footwear do serve a few purposes. They give added paw insulation, prevent ice balls from getting lodged between foot pads, and protect against potentially toxic deicers on the sidewalks.

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