One thought on “How Do Vets Know Which Lumps Are Bad?

  1. Arti says:

    It can be difficult to tell just by looking and touching a lump if it’s the dreaded “C” tumor that we all fear. The vet explained to me that there are many kinds of lumps and bumps that can develop on older dogs, just like on older humans. After a number of tense days for us, I am happy to report that my dog had a benign cyst that was easily treated and not a canine tumor. The vet added the location to her “lump and bump” map so that he will know to track it at her next visit. Both my dog and I had an extra spring in our step when we left the vet office that day; however, I’ll make sure that I continue to monitor all her lumps and bumps as she ages. Now she is more than 13 years old, so this is not our first “lump,” but I always get concerned when I find a new one. One time, I reached down to give an affectionate scratch to my older dog when I felt a new bump on her head. Mainly because this one did not seem like the other lumps and bumps that she has developed in the past. Mainly because this one did no

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