One thought on “How Do You Figure Out What Emotion You are Feeling?

  1. Arti says:

    After we have emotional reactions, we usually also want to know them. Another reason that feelings can be confusing is that alternative types of emotions can a fewtimes feel similar. For example, feeling afraid to give a speech in front of your class can feel alternative than feeling afraid of a lion. One reason for this is that the same type of emotion can a fewtimes feel alternative in alternative situations. For example, both anger and fear can make you shaky and make your heart beat faster. Have you ever been unsure about what emotion you were feeling? a fewtimes our feelings can be confusing, and it can take effort to know them. Or, if your family and friends notice that you are sad after a friend moves away, your sadness can help them see that you need their love and support. Or, if you get angry when a fewone does a fewthing mean to you, your anger can let that person know not to be mean anymore. To figure out how to respond, it’s important to first decide if your emotions match the current situation. For example, if you feel scared of a snake, your emotion of fear will help you stay away from snakes and avoid getting bitten. One good reason to know emotions is that it can help you figure out the best way to respond to them. Emotional reactions can be helpful when they happen in the right situations.

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