One thought on “How Do You Find Opportunities for Featured Snippets?

  1. Arti says:

    A good indication that you’re ready to take extra optimization steps is that your website already ranks in the top 10 on Google for your target search queries.  
    The foundation needed to get a featured snippet spot is a well-designed website with strong on-page Search engine optimization throughout. The following strategies can help you optimize your site so that it’s more likely to be chosen for a snippet box. If your page isn’t already in the top 10, work on improving your position with on-page Search engine optimization. However, featured snippets aren’t always drawn from the top result. In most cases of thumb, your page should rank in the top 10 organic results for a given query in order to be used as a featured snippet.  
    Owning the first organic search result for a keyword query is a good Search engine optimization goal. Consumers who find helpful content on a website through a snippet are more likely to seek out that site for quick answers to future questions. Featured snippets are another tool that can be used to increase brand loyalty. Much effort goes into designing webpages, mobile apps and online marketing campaigns that grow brand awareness.  
    It’s essential for your brand to make a strong impression.

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