One thought on “How do you identify risk and protective factors and use them to select the targets and strategies for your intervention?

  1. Arti says:

    So, you believe risk and protective factors are important, but are unsure when your initiative should address them. The answer to this question depends in great part on the maturity of your group – how long you’ve been around, what you are doing now, your resources, and so on. The following few pages offer one possible way to go about doing this. Have you ever wondered why a few people in our communities have better outcomes than others? Why a few children do well in school while other kids – equally intelligent – do not? Why alternative people in the same community have unequal health status? Have you wanted to change these outcomes? Once you have an understanding of risk and protective factors, as well as when you should include them in your planning, the time is right to identify the particular risk and protective factors that your organization will address.

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