One thought on “How Do You Put on Rubber Bands?

  1. Arti says:

    Yes, Invisalign rubber bands are designed to make Invisalign effective for correcting overbite, as well as underbite and open bite. Tools like rubber bands can only be used with direct supervision by an orthodontist, so cheaper alternatives using virtual doctors cannot use these effective technologies. The ability to use rubber bands to correct complex cases is one of the critical differences between direct orthodontic care and mail-order aligner brands. In an overbite, the row of top teeth hangs too far over the bottom row of teeth: to correct these conditions, the extra force applied by the rubber bands is useful in properly aligning the bite. Rubber bands provide extra force to the Invisalign aligners to align the teeth into their correct positions. © 2020 Diamond Braces © 2020 Diamond Braces © 2020 Diamond Braces © 2020 Diamond Braces © 2020 Diamond Braces They are especially useful in correcting the

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