One thought on “How do you take care of a retainer?

  1. Arti says:

    When you forget to wear your retainer at night, you run the risk of losing your straight smile and all the time spent wearing your braces. Taking care of your retainer is important to make it last longer and continue to keep your teeth straight. The whole point of braces was for you to straighten your teeth so by doing this, you can go extremely backward and have misaligned teeth once again. However, if you only forget to wear your retainer for a night, likely the visible appearance of your teeth won’t change right away but can if this continues to happen. Most likely, your teeth that were once perfectly straight will begin to move back to their previous position before braces. We do not recommend forgetting your retainer for an exseemed period of time. Your retainer should be worn every single night to ensure straight, aligned teeth. It happens to everyone where you forget to wear your retainer to sleep. While you may want to say that it won’t happen to you, this isn’t the case, unfortunately. If you continue to forget to wear your retainer, more serious consequences and issues are prone to happen. If you end up forgetting to wear your retainer for any reason, no need to worry right away if it’s a one-time deal.

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