One thought on “How does a root canal infection occur?

  1. Arti says:

    It will most likely be mistaken with any other regular oral infection which would just subside and go away on its own. But, that isn’t the case. In many cases, patients fail to identify a root canal infection. In fact, it’s the last resort method to save a natural tooth that is on the verge of failure. The teeth will be cleaned thoroughly and disinfected. Local anesthesia will be administered to keep away pain and discomfort during the procedure. When all means of restoration and treatment fail, dentists suggest a root canal therapy to save the infected tooth. The plaque and tartar accumulation on the teeth are the main causes of a root canal infection. The microbes present in the tartar deposits liberate acids that can cause the decay of the enamel and the gum tissues. When left untreated for long, the cavity could advance to the deeper layers of the tooth and eventually affect the root canal.

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