One thought on “How does a stress fracture normally occur?

  1. Arti says:

    Persistent pain in the absence of significant trauma should highlight the possibility of a stress fracture. Clinical assessment by an Orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeon is advised who has access to multimodal investigation and treatment facilities. The vast majority of stress fractures occur in the foot and lower leg. There is a c There is a classic combination of disorders that can be found even in teenage girls who are keen athletes. Running on unfamiliar hard surfaces can predispose to injury. The chronic nature of the symptoms, level of activity (professional/amateur), timing during the season and nature of the fracture (displaced or non-displaced, they are usually non-displaced) all dictate the treatment. Typical cases occur in athletes who change training habits or intensity. Sudden increases or constant sessions in playing or training time can potentially cause injury.

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