One thought on “How Does Litecoin Plan to Fortify Its Security?

  1. Arti says:

    Making the Litecoin more resistant to flood attacks is promoted as one of this currency’s strengths. The goal is to have all Litecoin tokens in circulation have the same value, as newly created tokens are a fewtimes considered more valuable compared to those that have been used in illegal operations. In addition to privacy, the collaboration between Litecoin and privacy coin Beam is supposed to help the LTC strengthen its bid to deliver fungibility as the only feature of “sound money” that is supposedly missing from both Bitcoin and Litecoin, according to the Litecoin founder Charlie Lee. These attacks involved flooding a network with spam transactions, causing the blocks to fill up and overwhelm the blockchain. In the case of Bitcoin, one attack of this type from July 2015 involved flooding the mempool and causing significant delays in processing regular transactions.

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