One thought on “How Important Is a Bird Dog With a Good Nose?

  1. Arti says:

    Do you stick to waterfowl hunting? Or do you enjoy the vast expanses of upland hunting? Or, do you enjoy switching it up? There’s a lot of crossover between the best breed by hunting type, and you’ll get a lot of varied and passionate opinions from fellow hunters. (Note: You are always looking for the field-bred varieties of the breeds below. The upshot? You will likely have a hunting dog with a good nose if you select from a respected breeder, but whether your dog becomes a superstar sniffer will come down to a combination of training and the individual dog. A lot of dog owners take pride in the great noses on their dogs, and of course that’s important. But the truth is, all dogs have a powerful sense of smell, and even a hunting dog without the best ‘nose’ will find birds. Other qualities are more critical, including whether the dog is biddable at long range or holds a steadfast point until the hunter is in place. Golden Retrievers and Labs are known for being easy to train, as are several other breeds. No matter what breed you choose as your partner afield, the keys will be the bond you build with your dog, and the time you invest in his training. Other dogs, however, require a more gentle approach over yelling. ‘Style’ refers to whether a hunting breed is biddable, or how well a dog does what he’s asked. ‘Style’ refers to whether a hunting breed is biddable, or how well a dog doe

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