One thought on “How is the Boerboel with children and other animals?

  1. Arti says:

    Young kids can get knocked over easily though so supervision is always needed. The fact is if in a good home with a strong owner and it’s getting everything it needs, it’s good with older children, is energetic and affectionate with them. it’s best with children it has been raised with them and socialization is essential. With that socialization it can accept other pets in the home like rabbits, mice or so on but it would be a good idea not leave them both alone together! As a very dominant dog it does not do well with strange dogs if they too are dominant, especially if they are the same sex. Make sure children are taught how to approach dogs safely and how to touch and not to tease. If you already have a dominant dog at home and you are thinking of bringing a Boerboel home it’s possible but you should bring a puppy not an adult so it adapts to the hierarchy that already exists in the home.

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