One thought on “How is the Entlebucher Mountain Dog with children and other animals?

  1. Arti says:

    For example you could take it to a dog park. In all you should be giving it at least a couple of hours a day of a mix of physical activity and mental stimulation. Because of its energy and rambunctious it’s best supervised with young children or just best in homes with older children, as the little ones will get knocked over in its enthusiasm. Having an older child happy to play endless games of fetch, learning tricks and such is a great way to make sure your dog and your child are getting lots of exercise! With other animals in the home that it has been raised with it will accept them. If small children are around make sure they are supervised. An Entle is good with children, it’s affectionate towards them, protective of them when raised with them and they are a part of its family and it likes to play. Always teach children the right way to approach, stroke and deal with a dog. However random cats, squirrels, rabbits and such out in its yard or in its way when out walking are game to be chased. it’s a dog that does well at doggy sports which include tracking, herding, agility, obedience and rally. It should be taken for a couple of long walks a day at least and then should have time in the week for play, and safe off leash time where it can safely run free. If it does not have enough interesting things to do and enough chances to vent lots of energy it can become destructive and hard to control. Keep in mind Entlebuchers love to play and love to rough house and romp around. This is a very active breed so it needs to be with owners who are active too, ones who do not groan at having to take the dog for a walk, and are happy to have it comes with them when they are jogging, hiking, cycling and so on.

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