One thought on “How is the French Spaniel with children and other animals?

  1. Arti says:

    It prefers dogs that are about the same size as it’s though and ones that have the same kind of energy levels. French Spaniels are usually very good with children with socialization and especially when raised with them. It does not get on as well with other non-canine pets as it’s a hunter and does have a prey drive, keep it on a leash when out so it does not chase other strange animals. It also gets on well with other dogs and in fact prefers to have another dog or two around for companionship. They care gentle with them, affectionate and playful. In fact the two together can help burn off both of their energy! it’s important that any children are taught how to touch and play in an appropriate way though. It can learn to put up with a cat in the home if it’s raised with one.

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