One thought on “How long do orthodontic rubber bands stay on your braces?

  1. Arti says:

    They use force to help move your teeth and jaw into new positions. Braces can help to treat a variety of conditions that impact your teeth and jaw. For others, they may be used closer to the end of treatment. When you begin using rubber bands with your braces depends on your specific treatment plan. You may also see them referred to as elastics. For a few, rubber bands may be used after a number of adjustments. Rubber bands are used to increase the force that’s applied to a specific area of your mouth. This means that the force they exert on your teeth and jaw will begin to decrease. Generally speaking, many people that wear rubber bands with their braces wear them almost all of the time, although a few may only need to wear them at night. Over time, rubber bands lose their elasticity. Over time, ru

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