One thought on “How many backlinks do I need for my site?

  1. Arti says:

    By now maybe you’re asking yourself, how do I get these backlinks you speak of? Here are FOUR places you can look for backlinks that I will talk about more in depth this week. However, aiming for 100 may sound overwhelming at first (it did for me). like that you’ll reach out to 3 sites a week for six weeks (directory sites, Help a Reporter Out sites, places you’d like to guest blog, etc) to get a jump start. Often if they do it’s in the form of getting on a bunch of directories. Maybe set a smaller goal…. My experience now that I’ve seen a number of therapist’s data is that very few therapists intentionally build backlinks. I heard on a podcast last year that a great goal for mental health therapists is to try to get 100 backlinks to your website, because if you have 100 backlinks you’ll have more than almost any other therapist in your area. The bottom line is that 100 backlink goal is a pretty good one.

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